Lean6sigma Academy is an independent and full service business development and management consulting partner that serves the Canadian and international clients in a variety of industries. Lean6sigma Academy is dedicated to supporting industrial and commercial businesses wishing to start or thrive economically in Canada and the rest of the world by resolving complex business and technical issues.

With our proven track record of assisting different industries in the Lean and Six Sigma transformation journey and culture change, we are capable of producing guaranteed results in an efficient manner. We achieve these results by focusing on three pillars;

  • coaching leaders on lean leadership behavior and change management.
  • Coaching middle management to become certified lean managers and project champions and,
  • building employee capabilities. As a result, you can expect improving organizational performance, which will have a tangible, positive impact on your organization.

Our Achievement


Lean6sigma Academy combines both Lean and Six Sigma expertise and hands-on experience. We have a successful track record of deploying Lean and Six Sigma. We implemented hundreds of Lean and Six Sigma projects allowing our clients to save over $150 million dollars. We certified 40 Lean Managers, 300 Green Belts, 200 Lean Practitioners, 50 Gemba Walkers, 20 Gemba Coaches, 50 PPS Facilitators, 5 Kaizen Facilitators and 20 CI Internal Coaches. We transformed 80 teams from “Infancy” level to” Established” level (level 3) in the lean maturity levels. These achievements have allowed us to impact teams’ capabilities to identify their KPIs, improve their performance, and achieve company overall performance targets.


Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the most preferred Lean and Six Sigma consulting and training service provider in Canada and all over the world.

Mission Statement

Lean6sigma Academy will provide timely value and high quality Lean and Six Sigma consulting and training services, combining Solid business practices, experience and application, in a professional fashion to exceed our customer’s goals and expectations.

78179372.0“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”

Vince Lombardi



We started our consulting and training services in 2007 by establishing Smart Business Solutions company, which was specialized in Six Sigma. After gaining extensive experience in deploying lean in the last three years, we changed the company name to Lean6sigma Academy as a Lean and Six Sigma training and consulting organization. Lean6sigma Academy has gained a reputation for delivering some of the highest quality, most comprehensive, and engaging consulting and training in the industry.

Lean6sigma Academy employs several consultants and trainers with varying expertise. By 2021, Lean6sigma Academy will introduce a robust approach to achieve business excellence, adding methodologies such as supply chain management, business and strategy deployment and more virtual and hybrid training to our other successful offerings. These methods and their many associated processes and tools will form the Lean6sigma Academy integrated performance excellence model.

Why We Are Different

The Lean6sigma Academy approach is unique. We are unlike management consulting firms that deliver giant binders of strategy recommendations and then walk away or training companies that educate employees but have little interest in financial returns.

Lean6sigma Academy walks the journey with its clients, starting from strategy formulation, training of employees, monitoring business performance and making improvements that positively impact the bottom line.

Why Lean6sigma Academy?

  • We provide our clients with customized lean consulting, training, coaching, and facilitation support
  • We help our clients build the continuous improvement culture necessary for ongoing success
  • We’re not interested in becoming permanent fixtures at our clients’ facilities; we build clients’ staff capabilities to become CI Deployment Leads to continue what we have built before we leave. We’re interested in helping our clients become self-sufficient lean organizations.
  • We have saved our clients hundreds of millions of USD.
  • We have hands-on experience. We have the expertise to transform the company to become a lean enterprise.
  • We are not only experts in Lean but we are also experts in Six Sigma.
  • We are committed to your results which is what makes our clients happy to recommend our services.
  • We teach your employees to think highly of its greatest asset: your people.
  • We provide a fully integrated approach methodology to solve all business issues

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Our Aims and General Approach

As a practice we have 5 main aims:

  1. Provide a responsive, high quality training, coaching and consulting service at an excellent value.
  2. Offer all business development specialist skills required.
  3. Offer consulting and implementation services based on assessed needs, best practice, and proven methods.
  4. Use our expertise, knowledge, skills, communication and change management capability.
  5.  Strive continuously to carry out a planned goal of business activities.

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“If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.”

Abraham Lincoln

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