Lean6sigma Academy Capability Building is a highly scalable approach that enables organizations to rapidly identify, build, and sustain the targeted capabilities needed to continuously improve performance and deliver impact. Lean6sigma Academy Capability Building enhances employees’ skills, mindsets, and behaviors.

Lean is both personal and organizational. Our broader goal in a lean transformation is to see a shift in the entire organization where everyone is a problem solver, but to do so requires each of us to personally change and continuously improve. If this is true, then as coaches and leaders, we need to keep an intentional focus on how we are developing as coaches.

Lean6sigma Academy builds capabilities to our clients personal and teams. Capability buildings starts with lean generalists with giving lean awareness to most of the organization employees. The organization selects good performing employees to be Certified Lean Practitioners (CLP) by completing three lean projects. The next level is to train and coach Continuous Improvement (CI) coaches for 2-3 years full time program which give them hands on experience to be the future coaches of the organization who will replace us.

Some of the CI coaches at the end of the program will be selected to be future senior coaches after getting their Lean Six Sigma green belts, black belts and master black belts. This way the company will have self-sufficient senior coaches that will continue the work of the consultant.

Team building capabilities will be done through the deployment of Continuous Improvement Foundations to the teams of the companies.

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