What is Gemba?

  • Go see the actual place and actual process for yourself to understand the real, as-is, situation.
  • Go see is done through direct observation and can include dialogue with the process performers as well as performing the process for yourself.

Why we use it?

  • To understand the as-is process, rather than the “desired” state.
  • To understand the real facts and validate assumptions about the functioning of the process to ensure you address the real problem
    • To hear firsthand about the opportunities for improvement from the process performers
    • To coach process performers in how to solve problems and continuously improve
    • To monitor performance of the process
    • To investigate a problem
    • As a leader to be visible to your employees and create constructive relationships

    When should we use it?

    • At the start of an improvement opportunity to identify, understand and scope the process and the issues at hand.
    • At all stages of an improvement cycle (PDCA) to ensure changes are sustainable.
    • As a leader: on a regular and routine basis to see how the process is performing, coach for problem solving and identify improvement opportunities.

    Candidate Qualifications

    Gemba Walker are trained leaders who are supervisors and managers in their organization and who lead a team in their own areas and coach them on scientific thinking and problem solving. Ideal candidates are supervisors, managers and directors who are keen to use Gemba as part of their leadership skills and who want to benefit from Go see, learn more about the process and identify areas for improvement.

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