Learning Objectives

The Yellow Belt Program provides participants with an overview of Six Sigma as well as key concepts associated with effective project teams. Yellow Belts receive a subset of the more comprehensive Green Belt curriculum.
The program provides the tools and operational methods to define and manage Six Sigma projects. It also gives a practical understanding of the key potential strategies and tactics to be used Six Sigma Deployment and Management Change in order to face the business challenges of liberalization.

At the end of this course, participants will have covered the following:

  • Apply the DMAIC methodology and associated tools and techniques to business improvement projects
  • Serve as a high-performing team member on Green Belt project improvement teams
  • A structured problem-solving methodology for addressing business improvement projects,
  • Intermediate-level quality tools within that methodology.
  • How to generate bottom-line financial results.
  • The program focuses on the DMAIC model for process improvement and the relevant intermediate-level statistical and graphical tools within that model.


Candidates from all levels in an organization from all the functions– frontline employees, engineers, human resource specialists, creative production designers, sales and marketing specialists

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