In order for companies to achieve their goals, teams should know their critical processes that are linked to their goals and KPIs. Lean6sigma Academy teaches organization teams on how to identify their critical processes, how to find wastes in these processes, how to document the process, how to identify their critical KPIs, how to monitor lagging indicators and how to control leading indicators.

In the meantime, we teach teams how to come up with CI ideas, how to use the CI board to collect ideas and how to make decision on the new ideas. The decision whether to accept or reject the idea as a team. We teach the team, when they decide to accept the idea, how to categorize the idea and which CI initiative would most suite and fit this idea. If the idea is easy and the solution is known, then we can just do it. If the root cause is not known, then we have to find which CI initiatives we need to use. In this case, we must use CI Diverse Execution Matrix to categorize and select the best CI initiative to solve the idea. There are many CI initiatives solve the CI idea. According to the CI Diverse Execution, we can select one of the following CI initiatives:

  • Practical problem solving,
  • Kaizen event,
  • Lean project,
  • Green Belt Six Sigma project, or
  • Black belt Six Sigma project.
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