As a busy professional, you’re concerned with maintaining the balance between your work, your life, and your desire to learn and advance within your career. With Florida Atlantic University’s Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training, you can keep that balance in place. We bring the course to your desktop, providing knowledge on demand and at your convenience.

Florida Atlantic University’s Six Sigma Green Belt certification program introduces participants to enhanced problem-solving skills, using the ‘DMAIC’ (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model, and provides the knowledge and skills needed to form and facilitate Six Sigma teams and manage Six Sigma projects. In addition, Florida Atlantic University’s Six Sigma certifications include Lean components. Six Sigma’s focus on quality complements Lean techniques focused on efficiencies; and, when combined, these skills promote business and operational excellence.

Participants will learn how to apply statistical methods and the DMAIC model for business process improvements as well as how to:
  • Communicate business strategy across the organization
  • Integrate with Lean Manufacturing, TOC, & other improvement methods
  • Apply the ‘DMAIC’ model for improvement to current projects
  • Select successful Six Sigma projects and project teams
  • Plan and execute projects, implementing the Six Sigma methodology
  • Increase profitability by utilizing the Six Sigma methodology
  • Select the right statistical tools to track and measure improvement
  • Implement tools, techniques and practices to achieve cost reductions and quality improvement within their organization.

The certification program will focus on service and information systems/information technology business processes as well as manufacturing processes, and examples from both types of businesses will be included. The program will stress the connection between project management and Six Sigma, and how project managers can and will be more successful when using the Six Sigma approach and Six Sigma tools and techniques.

Instructional Method and Format
  • Taught by a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Convenient online, instructor-led program
  • Lecture-based lessons that are set according to a pre-specified schedule
  • Comprehensive case study analysis
  • Each lesson has an assignment, deliverable, or quiz associated with it
  • Access to materials is convenient and available online 24/7
  • Successful completion of all lessons and a comprehensive 100-question exam with a grade of 80% or above will result in participants’ certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt
  • In addition, once students successfully complete the course, they are eligible to participate in an optional Green Belt practical project (project must be provided by student) and will be mentored throughout the project by the program instructor. Please contact program coordinator for more information and related mentorship fees.

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