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Kaizen Events Facilitator (KEF)

Certified Kaizen Event Facilitator (CKEF)

Kaizen, which means “good change” in Japanese, is a philosophy of eliminating waste by making small changes for the better. Kaizen events are rapid improvement activities during which a team, led by a lean expert, analyzes and improve a process toward a particular goal using a problem solving process. Kaizen events are typically 3 to 5 days in length.

Kaizen Event Involve:

  • Preparation including area and team selection, gathering background information, and goal setting.
  • Training for the team in Particular Lean Basics Including Problem Solving, 7 Wastes, and other relevant methods and tools.
  • Analysis of Current State Including Observation and Collection of Facts, Data, and Metrics.
  • Brainstorming to Identify Critical Wastes and Obstacles
  • Brainstorming to Identify Countermeasures and Improvement Ideas.
  • Development of Future State Process and Standard Work
  • Testing and Implementing New Process
  • Report Out and Celebration
  • Follow Up / Additional Actions / Daily Management

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