What is leader standard work?

Standard work is the documented and current best way to do a particular task, procedure or process. Workers develop the standard and follow it until an improvement process results in a new standard. Standard work ensures that results are consistent and forms the foundation upon which improvements are made. Leader standard work applies this same concept to the task of driving Lean thinking and behavior throughout the organization. It is the current best way of leading & managing my team that will sustain and continuously improve our performance

Why is LSW?

Many organizations have little in the way of documented best practices for leaders. Supervisors, managers, and directors are left with only their job description to guide their daily activities. Given this reality, it’s not surprising that many fail to start, spread, and sustain the continuous improvement mindset.
The alternative is leader standard work which is a set of actions, tools, and behaviors that are incorporated into the daily activities of leaders at all levels. Like the standard work for any process, leader standard work must be documented, practiced consistently, and changed only with reflection and experimentation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, candidates will learn:

  • Importance of LSW
  • The link between LSW and other CI foundations
  • How to identify their KPIs?
  • How to build their LSW diary?
  • How to conduct LSW one to one coaching session?
  • How to improve their work through LSW.

Program Content:

  • Why engagement matter?
  • Impacting the culture with LSW
  • Strengthen the management system with LSW
  • How LSW is deployed?
  • Defining KPIs
  • LSW routine and additional activities
  • The LSW SOP or Dairy
  • Workshop on how to build participants own LSW
  • LSW one to one coaching
  • LSW performance cycle
  • Closing thoughts

Who should attend?

Supervisors, managers, and directors of the organization.
One day

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