The Lean methodology is a powerful and dynamic process improvement methodology that brings a host of valuable tools to the workplace. When the Lean methodology is fully deployed, everyone in the organization participates in making improvement in quality in all operational areas. When deployed effectively with leadership support and commitment and the right training on the right tools, Lean can make a huge difference in the way organizations work. Reductions in cycle times, costs, and wastes, along with improved throughput, productivity and quality are achievable outcomes.

This 1-day Lean Awareness training provides an introduction to Lean. The training will provide participants with an effective understanding of Lean principles and concepts, benefits and applications, roles and responsibilities as well as an overview of the Lean methodology and the tools and techniques for Lean implementation.

Target Audience:

All personnel directly involved with the Lean initiative from both the manufacturing and service (including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, government and public service) sectors.

Program Objectives:

The objectives of the training are to:

  • Introduce the concepts and principles of Lean
  • Provide an insight to the benefits and applications of Lean
  • Provide an overview of the Lean methodology
  • Provide an overview of the tools and techniques for Lean implementation
  • Provide an overview of the methodology to identify and select Lean projects
  • Provide an overview of the infrastructure and support required for Lean implementation
  • Provide an overview of Lean deployment critical issues, implementation strategies
  • Provide an overview of the key success factors for successful and sustainable Lean implementation

Program Outline:

  • Introduction to Lean Principles and Concepts
  • Benefits and Applications of Lean
  • Overview of Lean Methodology
  • Overview of Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Identifying and Selecting Lean Projects
  • Lean Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lean Deployment Critical Issues and Implementation Strategies
  • Key Steps to Getting Started
  • Ensuring Continuity of Lean Implementation – Key Success Factors for Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Duration: 1 day

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