Learning Objectives

Six Sigma Awareness Training can play a pivotal role in the Six Sigma deployment. As Six Sigma is implemented in the organization many associates will have questions about the initiative. Awareness training in the Six Sigma program supports the goals of the deployment by providing all associates exposure to the underlying philosophy and strategy.

More importantly, many associates will make use of the philosophy and basic tools of Six Sigma even if they are not initially selected as Green belts or Black belts if they have been properly introduced to the methodology. Six Sigma Yellow Belt training makes the methodology second nature. Small improvements will be made every day in every area as associates apply the lessons learned of the Six Sigma awareness training.

All candidates from all levels in an organization from all the functions– frontline employees, engineers, human resource specialists, creative production designers, sales and marketing specialists

Course content:

  • Philosophy of Six Sigma.
  • Six Sigma Improprement Model (DMAIC).
  • Small scale project guidance template.
  • Introduction of the basic Six Sigma Tools at a practitioner level.
  • Overview of other Six Sigma Tools.
  • Demonstration of the usefulness of Six Sigma by showcasing project examples.
  • Supporting Six Sigma Project work in the organization.

Duration: Two hours

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