Course Overview

Practical Problem Solving (PPS) is the core of solving problem of any organization. This PPS should be implemented and done all teams of the organization almost on daily bases or when they encounter any problem in their area. Teams should possess the capability of solving problem and reach by reaching root cause of the problem.


This is a proactive and prevention technique that will help individuals and teams in preventing problem and reducing firefighting. The candidate will be able to use PPS technique and tools and how to facilitate PPS session in the most effective, efficient and professional way.

What you’ll learn

  • You will develop the attitudes and habits of team problem-solving that produce performance improvement.
  • You will learn three models of problem-solving associated with Toyota Production System or “lean management.”
  • You will learn and apply a simple and direct approach to root cause analysis and situation analysis.
  • You will develop and practice the skills of brainstorming and consensus reaching.
  • You will practice a simple and effective model of action planning and follow through that is critical to achieving results.

Program Methodology

The training program methodology is a combination of training lectures, examples, Videos and exercises.
Course Duration: One full day

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