Course Overview

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is an important and integral part of the Continuous Improvement Foundations (CIF) that an organization and its employees should know and acquire. SOP is important in the lean transformation journey. The course will teach participants the importance of SOP, and how to create and review an effectives SOP.

Who should attend?

All employees in the organization from any function, front line leaders and middle managers who seek to standard and sustain performance.

Learning Objectives

You will be able to understand

  • What is an SOP?
  • Who Develops SOP?
  • What are all the Benefits of SOP?
  • Who Develops SOP?
  • Who is the Custodian of SOPs in an Organization?
  • Elements of an SOP,
  • Define Organization, Processes and Stakeholders,
  • SOP Steering Committee,
  • SOP Development Approaches,
  • SOP is Fundamental for Process Improvement,
  • Types of SOPs and Introduction to the Case Study Project.

Training Methodology

A combination of training, examples, exercises, and videos.
Duration: 1 day

  • Employees entrusted with SOP Development, all process performers, front line leaders and middle managers.
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